CollectA Farm Time Farm Life Hereford Cow Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Farm Life Hereford Cow is the perfect mini clone of a mammal which can thrive in harsh climates.

The Hereford breed originated from Herefordshire, England, but is now seen even in the temperate areas of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, and the southwest parts of the United States. To all outward appearances, the Hereford cattle have successfully adapted to a variety of climates and can thrive both in cold and warm areas in nearly all continents. Several strains of the Hereford breed have used to come up with desired characteristics, leading to several changes in the entire kind. 

CollectA is one of the most popular animal replica toymakers in the country. The company showcases true to life figures that are not only suitable for display projects, but for encouraging imaginative play among children, as well. CollectA works with renowned cattle experts to design and create miniature animal figures. 


  • The CollectA Farm Time Farm Life Hereford Cow will complete your Farm Life Collection along with the Hereford Bull Polled. 
  • Encourage learning and awareness in children. 
  • It is made of durable and safe synthetic materials. 
  • Product dimension is 12.4cm x 7.2cm
  • Suitable for children aged three (3) years old and above. 

Complete your farm animal series with the CollectA Farm Time Farm Life Hereford Cow Toy Figure.