CollectA Farm Time Dachshund Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Dachshund Toy Figure will hunt its way into any dog lover’s home.

With a funny shape that resembles a hotdog, dachshunds are easy to love! Their long bodies and short legs do more than amusing, however. They are also used to crawl into burrows and hunt badgers; hence their name means “badger hound”.

Although small in size, Dachshund are fierce, brave and loyal human companions. They are known for chasing birds, small animals and tennis balls with great determination and ferocity. The expert team at CollectA brings these spunky hounds to life through accurate representation so that you can bring home this fearless yet adorable hunter. 


  • CollectA Farm Time Dachshund Toy Figure features the doxie’s stubby legs, long body and hunter gaze in excellent precision.
  • Hand-painted by experts from all over the world to create an authentic miniature of this adorable dog breed
  • Works perfectly in a collection, project display and as a cute kid’s toy
  • Introduce children to various dog breeds by adding this Daschund toy figure into their collection, along with other miniatures from the CollectA roster
  • Dimensions: 3cm x 2.5cm
  • Ideal for dog lovers ages 3 and up

When it comes to sparking your child’s curiosity, imagination and fun the CollectA Farm Time Dachshund Animal Figure is definitely a “wiener”. Bring home this sausage dog today!