CollectA Farm Time Chow Chow Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Chow Chow Toy Figure features a furry ball of cuteness that would look great in a child’s animal toy collection.

Chow-Chows are initially from Northern China. They are usually rounded or square-shaped and wear thick fur, particularly around the neck area. Another adorable thing about this dog breed is their cute, triangular pair of ears. They also have an unusual tongue colour which is bluish purple.

CollectA did a beautiful toy based on the Chow-Chow breed with this animal figure. All dog figures in the CollectA roster are high-quality, finely-scaled and are factually accurate. Such qualities make them a good display for make-believe habitats and as a fun kids’ toy.


  • CollectA Farm Time Chow Chow is a life-like dog breed figure that works perfectly in a collection, project display and as a cute toy for kids
  • Kids enhance their imagination as they play with animal figures 
  • Introduce children to various dog breeds by dding the Chow Chow toy figure into their collection, along with other figures from the CollectA range
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 6cm
  • For kids 3 and up

Enchant your kids’ animal toy collection with a little bit of cuteness by slipping in this CollectA Farm Time Chow Chow into the lineup.