CollectA Farm Time Bulldog Medium



CollectA Farm Time Bulldog Medium toy figure provides the right amount of cuteness with its massive short-faced head, and a low swung body, making it an adorable addition to your kid’s Cats and Dogs figure lineup.

The bulldog is perhaps one of the most family-friendly dogs out there. While the breed was popularly used for a bloody sport called bullbaiting back in the day, the modern bulldog has become an incredibly gentle companion who loves kids. 

You can’t mistake a bulldog with any other breed because it has a very distinctive look. And kids will realize that as they familiarize themselves further to the CollectA Bulldog figure. It showcases a life-like representation with high-quality sculpting and paint finish. Moreover, the figure has beautiful details that depict the breed’s loose skin, short snout, undershot jaw, and small ears. 


  • CollectA Bulldog brings a medium-sized toy figure that makes a perfect addition to any collection.
  • Let your children explore the internet to learn more about dog breeds and their differences in appearance
  • Children can play safely at home and learn on the side
  • Sturdy and doesn’t break when dropped
  • Made of 100% safe materials 
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x 6 cm
  • Perfect for ages 3 and up

With the Bulldogs breed’s distinctive look and popularity, no dog collection will be complete without it.