CollectA Farm Time Bull Terrier Female M



This CollectA Bull Terrier toy figure is a life-like miniature of an attentive dog waiting for its master’s attention.

Bull Terriers were initially fighting dogs and used for vermin control. Due to this, they need an experienced dog owner so they will grow as good dogs. This breed sports an unusual egg-shaped head, and this distinct characteristic is evident in the CollectA miniature replica.

Apart from the figure, colour, and built, this CollectA Bull Terrier figure depicts the exact expression trained dogs have while waiting for their owner’s orders. Truly a must-have for dog figure hobbyists and kids who like to learn more about different dog breeds.


  • CollectA Farm Time Bull Terrier Female M displays a faultless miniature depiction of the dog breed. Suitable for project displays and as a role-playing toy material
  • Shows fine sculpture and hand-painting, resulting in a factually accurate figure that can be used in educational exhibits and as a research reference
  • Introduce new dog breeds to your kids by getting this figure and other dog figures in the CollectA lineup
  • PVC-made, phthalate-free, lead-free, 100% non-toxic
  • Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

The real-life creature may be hard to tame, but it’s easy to add this CollectA Farm Time Bull Terrier Female M and get an enhanced collection of fantastic dog breeds!