CollectA Farm Time Brahman Cow Grey Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Time Brahman Cow Grey Toy Figure brings a sturdy cattle into your child’s collection to help them create a world of miniature using factually-accurate and a wide array of animal figures.

The Brahman Cow wears a tough skin making them insect resistant. Despite their hides, they are extremely tolerant of harsh heat, making them ideal farm animals to raise in tropical areas. Brahman Cows can also withstand the cold climate. Moreover, this type of cattle is favoured for their size, intelligence, and obedience.

Brahman Cows may sport grey or reddish colour. In this representation of the farm animal, CollectA features a grey Brahman cattle, which is astonishingly realistic and finely-scaled. Children can use them for project display pieces, especially a farm-themed setting.


  • CollectA Farm Time Brahman Cow Grey Toy Figure is an exact representation of a hardy cattle breeders love to raise due to their adaptability and tolerance against harsh conditions.
  • Let your child learn more about farm animals and different cattle types
  • Factually-accurate material perfect for project displays, dioramas and as fun toys for kids’ learning
  • Constructed with PVC and other high-quality, non-toxic elements
  • Dimensions: 14.5cm x 8cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3 and up

Add the CollectA Farm Time Brahman Cow Grey to your kids collection so they can create a fresh-looking farm diorama with a variety of animal figures in their lineup.