CollectA Farm Time Brahman Calf Red Toy Figure



Let your kids make a more exciting farm playtime by adding the CollectA Brahman Calf Red Toy to your child’s make-believe barn set!

Originally from India, the Brahman cow is now found in many other parts of the world. This hardy breed can withstand high temperatures and humidity.

The Brahman has a thick skin that makes it difficult for insects to penetrate and glossy hair that reflects the sun. This breed has plenty of loose skin, as seen in this Brahman Calf figurine by CollectA. During harsh winters, this cow grows an additional coat to combat the conditions. The color of their skin can vary from pale white to black, or in the case of this replica, red.


  • Professionally sculpted and painted by hand to reflect the young Brahman’s loose red skin, muscular appearance, and the beginning hump that’s distinct from this breed.
  • Perfect for play and instructional purposes, dioramas, and educational displays
  • Made with durable PVC and non-toxic acrylic paint for safe playtime
  • Round up your collection with the CollectA Brahman Cow, Grey Polled Brahman Bull, and other cattle breeds (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 5cm
  • Recommended for young farmers ages 3 and up

Expose your little one to the fascinating animals on the farm, starting with this CollectA Farm Time Brahman Calf Red Toy Figure.