CollectA Farm Time Border Collie Dog M



CollectA Border Collie features a realistic representation of the dog breed ready to herd and control his flock. 

The Border Collie was explicitly bred to gather and manage sheep. The dog breed is known for having an incredible amount of stamina and energy, making them premier herding dogs. Modern Border Collies are highly trainable and intelligent, helping them excel in various canine sports such as obedience, flyball, tracking, and flying disc competitions.

The CollectA Border Collie definitely makes a great addition to a child’s make-believe farm or a collector’s dog collection set. The figure perfectly mimics the dog breed’s intense stare, which they use to control their flock. Moreover, the highly detailed sculpting and paint finish of the figure closely resembles the black and white coat of its real-life counterpart.


  • CollectA Farm Time Border Collie Dog M is a faultless representation of the best herd dog that also excelled in different sports of man.
  • The toy figure is suitable for pretend habitat displays, make-believe setup, and engaging educational toys that could further your child’s knowledge about dog breeds, their differences, and history.
  • Finely-scaled and shaped to form a factually accurate material everyone can use as a reference for learning.
  • Made of non-toxic elements, so kids can remain safe and healthy while playing with all CollectA toy figures
  • Approximate dimensions: 2.8”L x 2.2”H
  • Perfect for age 3 and up

If there’s a dog breed your collection shouldn’t miss, it’s the reliable and loveable CollectA Farm Time Border Collie Dog M!