CollectA Farm Time Billy Goat M



CollectA Farm Time Billy Goat animal toy features a  horned, white goat. It is a perfect display piece for a make-believe farm!

Billy Goats are what you call male goats. Although humans lived with these domesticated animals since time immemorial, there are some less-known facts about them. One is their ability to climb and find balance, even in the most dangerous places! 

If your kids find it mind-blowing, they can continue learning as they spend more time playing with this figure, and maybe search for YouTube videos for some talented goats. The CollectA figure is so lifelike that it makes an ideal piece for biology classes, project displays, and as a fun toy for kids.


  • CollectA Farm Time Billy Goat M features a lifelike representation of a male goat, and we all know it’s spot-on!
  • This goat figure comes along with other farm animals in the CollectA roster
  • Made with 100% safe, non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 6.5cm x 6.5cm
  • For 3 and up

CollectA Farm Time Billy Goat M is a piece of a common farm animal that you should not forget to add in a make-believe farm!