CollectA Farm Time Ankole Watusi Bull Animal Figure



CollectA Farm Time Ankole Watusi Bull is an animal figure of an African cattle, a rare sight that could attract everyone that checks out your child’s animal toys.

The Ankole-Watusi Bull is a modern cattle breed with its vast and broad horns pointed upwards. Some notable Ankole-Watusis like the bull named CT Woodie and the steer, Lurch, is Guinness World record-holders due to the sizes of their horns.

CollectA releases are life-like representations of various animals. They continue to bring more into the picture to create a world of miniature. These realistic figurines are possible as they consult the world’s experts to capture the anatomy and every important characteristic there is to show.


  • CollectA Farm Time Ankole Watusi Bull L is another impressive figure to add to a kids’ toy figure collection.
  • Introduce your kids to various farm animals, including those they haven’t seen or encountered yet.
  • Factually accurate from the horn to the tails, this Ankole-Watusi animal figure makes a perfect reference for science class presentations, project-habitat displays, and as an entertaining toy for kids.
  • Made of PVC and hand-painted with 100% non-toxic acrylic
  • Dimensions: 13.3cm x 12.8cm
  • For kids 3 years old onwards.

CollectA Farm Time Ankole Watusi Bull L represents an animal that made it to the Guinness World Record, making it an essential addition to your kids’ collection.