CollectA Farm Time Airedale Terrier Dog M



CollectA Farm Time Airedale Terrier Dog M brings an accurate depiction of “The King of Terriers,” a perfect ruling body if you have a collection of other terrier pieces.

The distinctive markings in this statue give away the biggest hint that the dog breed is the prideful airedale terrier. From the notable head to its wiry-looking coat, one can safely say that the care and meticulous work it took to create this CollectA piece was tremendous.

Expose your children to various dog breeds to further their interests in science and their love for animals. This amazing terrier figure seems perfect in a cats and dogs collection, especially with the same finely-scaled pieces from CollectA.


  • CollectA Farm Time Airedale Terrier Dog M boasts excellent detail and accuracy, so your kid can play with an item that genuinely depicts its real-life equivalent.
  • The toy sports a sturdy body, so it won’t crack or get damaged quickly while at play or after a sudden fall.
  • Perfect for dog lovers who have airedale terrier dogs as their home buddies
  • The miniature figure complies with the standards, especially with health concerns, as it is made of 100% safe and toxic-free materials.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.8”L x 2.6”H¬†
  • Suitable for ages three and up!

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