CollectA Farm Life Rottweiler Toy Figure



CollectA Farm Life Rottweiler Toy Figure features a life-like depiction of one of the well-known guardians whom we can entrust our lives and our family.

Rottweilers are dogs of abundant strength and great intelligence. Their skill and brawn make them excellent guard, service, and rescue dogs. Moreover, rottweilers have a beautiful, shiny, black coat with tan markings that define some body parts.

CollectA managed to depict this courageous companion in this high-quality figurine. From the tip of the nose to its tail, the details on this rottweiler miniature are spot-on. Thus, this CollectA piece and other items in their meticulously produced lineup are perfect for project displays and as a fun toy for children.


  • CollectA Farm Time Rottweiler L is a factually accurate depiction of the rottweiler dog breed, making it an ideal piece for dioramas, presentation, and display at home.
  • Kids and rottweiler owners would love to have this as a gift
  • High-quality toy figure made of safe and non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 7cm
  • For kids 3 years old and up

Every dog lover, especially rottweiler owners, would reserve a special place for the CollectA Farm Time Rottweiler L in their collection.