CollectA Farm Life Lamb Looking Back Toy Figure



CollectA brings you Mary’s favourite farm time animal with realism in this Lamb toy figure.

Lambs are known for their white, thick, fluffy coats that protect them from cold. Their wool is used to make clothing, scarves, blankets, and more as it retains heat. Lambs are often a kid’s favourite animals to draw and use in art projects as they often describe them as cottony clouds.

The figurine accurately represents lambs as they are born with tails that protect their anus, vulva, and udder from weather extremities. An adult sheep, on the other hand, is commonly seen without a tail. As seen on the model, a lamb’s mouth is also unique as its upper lip has a groove that helps them close to the ground as they are selective grazers that prefer leaves.


  • Highly detailed textures and carvings that artistically models a lamb’s body structure and dimensions
  • Skillfully hand-painted in a clean white color with shades of pink which accurately depicts the early life stages of a sheep
  • Crafted with fine and safe materials
  • Excellent for kids to use so they can learn as they play
  • A perfect addition to CollectA Lamb, CollectA Lamb Grazing, and CollectA Sheep (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4cm
  • Great for farm animal collectors as young as 3 years old and up

Add more lambs to your flock with the CollectA Farm Time Lamb Looking Back Toy Figure.