Cocomelon Mini Vehicle in Red Fire Toy Truck



Cocomelon Mini Vehicle features a red fire toy truck with an attached TomTom figure.

Bring your child’s favourite Cocomelon songs, stories and lessons to life with this red mini-vehicle. It features a small fire truck toy with an attached TomTom figure. Kids can imagine many stories and sing career songs as they zoom in the living room and play with their red fire truck toy, inspired by the Cocomelon TV show.


  • The red fire truck toy is inspired by the hit children’s show, Cocomelon.
  • Free wheels make it easy for young children to take their vehicle toy out for a spin.
  • Available in four colours: green, pink, yellow, and red. JJ drives the green garbage truck and yellow bus, TomTom drives the red firetruck, and Yoyo drives the pink ice cream.
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.89 x 8.89 cms
  • Recommended for boys and girls ages 2+ years

Encourage your child’s love for Cocomelon, singing and toy vehicles with the Cocomelon Mini Vehicle Red Fire Truck Toy.