Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor



The Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor is just as flexible and powerful as the original vehicle for your child’s landscaping and gardening adventures!

Bruder’s massive range of kids’ toy tractors is famous for it’s incredible quality and attention to detail. All Bruder vehicles, trucks and tractors are designed after the real thing – right down to the smallest details!

Built for indoor and outdoor play, the Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor is an excellent vehicle for kids who enjoy spending their playtime in the backyard. To cope up with today’s need for strong tractors, New Holland has come up with the T7 Heavy Duty model series that prioritise flexibility and power. If your child requires a tractor that can carry heavy-duty equipment then this tractor is the solution! Complete with folding bonnet to access the highly-detailed engine, a full-glazed cab, an oscillating axle for a comfy ride, a steering wheel extension plus a height-adjustable rear coupling if your child wants to combine this tractor with other Bruder Professional Series Trailer (each sold separately), this Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor will surely be a fantastic new addition to your child’s collection!

Features :

  • The Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor comes with a blue body complete with black, white and grey details.
  • Made of sturdy high-quality plastics that will withstand many hours on the job.
  • The Tractor features:
    • A fully-glazed cab
    • A highly-detailed accessible through the folding bonnet
    • Easy-to-open doors
    • An oscillating axle
    • A steering wheel extension on the roof
    • Height-adjustable rear coupling (compatible with Bruder Professional Trailers, each sold separately)
    • Detachable wheels
  • Kids can take this awesome Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor out in the grass or onto the driveway for active pretend play.
  • This tractor can be combined with all Bruder agricultural trailers, equipment and figures (each sold separately).
  • No batteries required.
  • Product Dimensions: 36cm x 17.5cm x 20.5cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

Encourage your child to learn more about how tractors work by letting them play with the Bruder 1:16 New Holland T7 315 Tractor!