Brio World Short Curved Tracks



Brio World Short Curved Tracks set will let your little conductor’s mind run wild! 

Complete with an all-natural wooden construction, this Special Track Pack is the ultimate toy for free-flowing playtime, allowing your child to make their very own track design that is compatible with a whole range of Brio railway toys and the hours of fun and play that will ensue. Powered by imagination, this toy will allow your child to build their own curves and turns into a railway track. The possibilities are truly endless, and the choice is all theirs. 

Brio is a Swedish toy manufacturer that has been producing high-quality, classic toys from the late 1800s. Renowned for their use of all-natural materials in their toy production, their toys are designed to fuel imaginative play and subtly nudge along your child’s cognitive and physical development. 


  • Brio World Short Curved Tracks includes 4 wooden curved train track pieces that are a perfect addition to any Brio World Railway.
  • Assists in building fine-motor skills as well as fuelling imaginative play
  • No batteries are necessary. 
  • A perfect addition to the playset of any creative train engineer
  • Dimensions 130 x 60 x 60 mm
  • Suitable for children aged 3+ 

Encourage your child to build their own playtime with this open-ended and classic children’s toy that will forever stand the test of time, both physically and in fun.