Brainstorm Glow Stars and Planets



Bring the outer space to your child’s bedroom with the Brainstorm Glow Stars and Planets

The Brainstorm Glow Stars and Planets comes with a clear string to hang the eight planets from the ceiling and brings the Solar System into your child’s bedroom. The packaging indicates the names of each planet so your child can display them in their positions within the Solar System.

This set is not only educational but it also makes a great room decoration. In the day the planets are bright, colourful and fun but once nighttime sets in, they produce a fantastic glowing display.


  • The Brainstorm Glow Stars and Planets is a glow in the dark model solar system.
  • Brings the outer space into your child’s bedroom.
  • It includes 8 glow in the dark planets as well as a clear string to hang the planets from the ceiling.
  • No batteries required.
  • Recommended for Ages 3+ (small parts and long thin cord)

The Brainstorm Glow Stars and Planets is not only great for children’s educational purposes but it’s also perfect for decorating a room with.