Brainstorm Glow 3D Moon Sticker Set



Brainstorm Glow 3D Moon Sticker Set is a great decor for kids who love astronomy.

The Brainstorm Glow 3D Moon makes it easy for kids to personalize their rooms. This set includes a 19cm diameter moon and other fun designs such as an astronaut, a lunar rover, and a landing module.

This glow in the dark sticker is self-adhesive and makes rooms more magical without effort. By day, they are colourful, and they become a gentle glowing display at night.


  • Set includes:
    • 19cm diameter moon
    • Astronaut
    • Lunar rover
    • Landing module
    • Instructions
  • Stickers are self-adhesive
  • Glow 3D stickers are on a 34 cm x 24 cm backer
  • Produces a magical glow when the room is dark
  • Fun and educational gift for kids who like the stars, constellations and the Universe
  • Perfect for sleepovers and pyjama parties
  • Suitable for kids, 3 years old onwards

Give kids’ rooms a fascinating glow with the Brainstorm Glow 3D Moon Sticker Set.