Blue Opal Travel Hangman Game



Blue Opal Travel Hangman Game is a guessing game for two made fun and exciting to play.

The hangman game is an easy and straightforward word-guessing game. It is a fantastic way to develop your children’s problem solving and critical thinking while having fun at the same time. Kids will love the thrill and excitement as they guess the words. Encourage your kids to widen their spelling and vocabulary with every game they play. It is a game for two; Each player will take a turn to guess the opponent’s word. One will think the word or phrase while the other will be the executioner. The executioner wins if the full body is hanging from the gallows. The guesser wins if they guess the right word or phrase before the person is hung.

Blue Opal makes the Travel Hangman Game. It is lightweight and portable makes it easy for kids to handle for a comfortable journey with family and friends. 


  • The Blue Opal Travel Hangman Game is a word-guessing game for two includes
    • 1 travel-size case
    • Alphabet pieces and 2 playing platforms
  • The game is travel-size making it ideal for a smooth journey in the car, on the train or any other public transport.
  • Product dimension is approximately 4cm x 18cm x 14 cm.
  • Suitable for kids ages 5 years old and up.

Allow your kids to be wise and guess their opponent’s word and save your man for the danger of hanging with the Blue Opal Travel Hangman Game.