Birdsearch Wordsearch Puzzles



Birdsearch Wordsearch Puzzles is the perfect gift to bird lovers. Both kids and the old ones will appreciate it!

A huge collection of word puzzles about birds, this book sure knows how to entertain an avian lover. And when we say it is the ultimate bird search puzzle, it means this puzzle compilation has everything from domestic and wildlife to mythical birds.

With 160 pages, your child would definitely have a very long playtime with their avian friends. Word search puzzles are also a wonderful way to take your kids back from excessive online games and social media, promoting that balance of each activity is suitable for their overall wellness.


  • Birdsearch Wordsearch Puzzles is a perfect gift for kids and old friends who love birds or word search puzzles.
  • A paperback book that contains 160 pages of entertaining Wordsearch puzzles about birds
  • Dimensions: 23.37cm x 1.02cm x 15.24cm
  • Suitable for¬†10 years old onwards

This Birdsearch Wordsearch Puzzles book is one of the best presents to a bird enthusiast child or friend!