Barron’s First Thesaurus



Barron’s First Thesaurus helps young learners develop a love for language with its computer-animation style graphics.

Introduce different words, meanings and uses with Barron’s First Thesaurus. This updated version offers a fresh twist to the thesaurus with its cool computer-animation style graphics. Different engaging entries include definitions, descriptive illustrations and example sentences for instructions.

As kids read each page, they will discover different words. For example, they will learn that lean, slim and slender are other ways of saying thin. There are also related words and antonyms to expand your child’s vocabulary. Moreover, a colour-coded thumb index and traditional index make it easy for learners to find words.


  • A great first thesaurus with full-colour illustrations throughout
  • Updated entries with awesome graphics
  • Includes definitions, descriptive illustrations, example sentences, related words, and antonyms
  • Colour-coded thumb reference and traditional index for quick reference
  • Written Andrew Delahunty
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 22 x 0.7 cm
  • Designed for readers ages 8+ years

Expand your child’s vocabulary in a fun way with Barron’s First Thesaurus.