Barrel of Monkeys Game



Barrel of Monkeys Game is perfect for little hands

The Barrel of Monkeys Game is a classic game that has been loved by children worldwide for decades. A very simple idea of forming a monkey chain by placing the tail of each monkey into the hand of the one before is surprisingly addictive. How long can you make your monkey chain before one slips off?

Features :

  • Barrel of Monkeys Game is a terrific game for increasing dexterity in children and is super amusing.
  • The barrel contains 12 plastic monkeys which match the colour of the barrel.
  • Pop them all out of their barrels and start stringing them together, the game ends when one monkey slips off the chain.
  • Please note there are multiple barrel colours available which are picked randomly. The price is per Game

Let your younger children enjoy a fun Barrel of Monkeys Game at home or when you’re travelling.