Barbie Club Chelsea Doll



This Barbie Club Chelsea Doll is great for storytelling fun 

Barbie Dolls stir a girl’s imagination, encouraging creativity and discovery through play. 

Just like her big sister Barbie, Chelsea loves to discover new things and share fun stories with friends. And with this Barbie Club Chelsea doll, little girls will have an amazing time roleplaying and imagining things like exploring the world. Wearing a cute white top and a rainbow-coloured skirt, this doll makes an awesome play companion for any little girl.

Features : 

  • This 6-inch Chelsea doll has a cute kitten with ice cream cone graphic on her white top and wears a rainbow-coloured skirt that’s removable for fashion fun
  • Chelsea’s long brunette hair is styled with a wave
  • Includes a pair of pink sandals to complete Chelsea’s fashion style
  • For kids 3 years and above

Encourage your little girl to explore the world through fun play with Barbie Club Chelsea Doll.