Baby Born Nappies 5 Pack



Baby Born Nappies 5 Pack will make your little one’s play time totally fun

Baby Born is always on the go so she eats and drinks a lot to give her the energy she needs to keep going. She also needs to go to the toilet a lot too. To make sure she’s dry and comfortable, always have the Baby Born Nappies handy. 

These nappies are so cute and it comes in dainty prints that your little kid would love to put around her precious dolly. 

Features : 

  • Includes 5 nappies to keep baby dolls dry and comfortable
  • Nappies have easy open and close tabs that’s perfect for little hands
  • Let your child discover the fun of having your own feeding and toileting doll with the Baby Born Doll range.

These Baby Born Nappies will make your kid’s imaginative play go on for hours of fun and laughter.