Baby Annabell 43cm Alexander Baby Doll



Baby Alexander is a realistic 43cm baby doll with lifelike mouth movements, sleepy brown eyes, real doll tears and cute baby sounds.

Children can enjoy roleplay and caregiving with their lifelike Alexander Baby Doll. This realistic 43 cm doll is soft to the touch, making him an excellent companion for kids to hold and hug. Most of all, he eats, sleeps, and cries, just like a real baby!

Watch as Baby Alexander boy doll comes alive in your child’s arms. He giggles when kids tickle him or bounce him up and out. He also realistically drinks water and makes popping sounds.


  • Baby Annabell 43cm Alexander Baby Doll is dressed in a romper suit and hat. It comes with a bib, bottle, pacifier and chain.
  • Baby Annabell branded doll features realistic movements, functions and sounds.
  • He has a soft body just like a real baby.
  • This baby boy doll burps, giggles and cries real tears. He also closes his eyes and makes yawning sounds.
  • Roleplay has been shown to boost imagination and develop social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy.
  • Suitable for children from ages 3 years and up.

Bring out the nurturing side of girls and boys as they care for their Baby Annabell 43cm Alexander Baby Doll.