B Toys Loopsy Rocking Sheep



B Toys Loopsy features a squishy rocking sheep for kids to hop on.

Bring your kids a cuddly playtime companion from the great farmlands and plains. The B Toys Loopsy is a classic rocking animal in natural hardwood with a soft and durable plush exterior ideal for toddlers.

Get kids on Loopsy and start rocking while hearing the clip-clop of the hooves. The B Toys Loopsy makes a charming addition to any nursery and playroom.


  • The B Toys Loopsy is a classic rocking toy with a plush sheep exterior.
  • Comes with a wooden ball inside for a clip-clop sound
  • Durably made with natural hardwood for a classic feel
  • Approximate Dimensions: 34.3 cm x 59.9 cm x 46.4 cm
  • Ideal for toddlers 18 months and older

Indulge in hours of fun, rocking playtime with kids with the B Toys Loopsy Rocking Sheep.