B Toys Baa-Baa-Barn Playset



B Toys Baa-Baa-Barn Playset comes with an interactive toy barn with animal figures, songs, and other cool features.

Take your kids to a musical barn with lots of features. The B Toys Baa-Baa-Barn Playset introduces kids to different animals they see on the farm, including the different fun sounds they can make. The toy barn itself is fun to have with different songs and movable parts. Its doors open and close, and the windmill spins. There are plenty of surprises such as a roof patch that reveals a bat, or a door that hides a bunny.

The B Toys Baa-Baa-Barn Playset is ready for on-the-go fun. Everything fits inside the barn. And when you need to travel, the handy handle makes it portable. This toy farm set is the perfect gift for girls and boys ages two years and older.


  • This 7-piece playset includes:
    • 1 toy farmhouse
    • 1 cow
    • 1 horse
    • 1 pig
    • 1 sheep
    • 2 rattle balls
  • Barn plays different songs and sounds depending on the animal figure on the floor.
  • Rattle balls swirl down the silo and out through the sliding door
  • Interactive features include a windmill that spins, open and close doors, a roof patch with a bat, a door with a bunny, and more.
  • Toy farmhouse has a handle for kids to bring it along
  • Includes 2 x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 47.63 cm x 22.23 cm x 36.83 cm
  • Recommended for farm lovers ages 2+ years

Open up a world of discoveries with the B Toys Baa-Baa-Barn Playset.