Awesome Women Activity Book



Awesome Women Activity Book is filled with puzzles and games that introduce kids to extraordinary women.

Inspire kids to follow in the footsteps of remarkable women throughout history. This fun activity book is inspired by some of the most significant female figures of all time. They can crack codes by Noor Inayat Khan or learn the basics of sign language as they discover the achievements of Helen Keller.

Awesome Women Activity Book contains brain-teasing puzzles, spot the difference activities, quizzes, art projects and more to supplement learning. Each activity is themed around the impressive achievements of women in art, science, sport, and activism.


  • This 48-page paperback edition contains plenty of puzzles, activities, games and learning materials based on influential women in history.
  • Created by Lisa Regan and Louise Wright
  • Dimensions: 23 x 26 x 1 cm
  • Suitable for readers 8+ years

Open up your child’s world to meet fabulous women who made a difference with this Awesome Women Activity Book.