Arty Mouse Trace Copy Colour Cut



Arty Mouse Trace Copy Colour Cut uses art to teach kids writing and develop their motor skills.

Enhance your child’s fine motor skills through vivid illustrations and fun activities found in Arty Mouse Trace Copy Colour Cut. Each page brims with brightly coloured cartoons and different challenges that aim to improve the writing skills of kids.

This creative hands-on book is a recognized resource in the best preschool publishing series category, making it one of the must-have books in every children’s library.


  • Arty Mouse Trace Copy Colour Cut encourages children to practice their writing skills through fun activities such as connect the dots and follow the paths.
  • Tracing activities improve fine motor skills while teaching patience and enhancing confidence.
  • Experience early learning through art
  • Full-colour illustrations in each page
  • Paperback format, 192 ages
  • Ideal for children 5 years and up
  • Activity Book Dimensions: 21.6 x 28 x 1.5 cm

Arty Mouse Trace Copy Colour Cut is a perfect practice for kids to develop their confidence in writing.