AquaDabra 6-Piece Paint Refills



The AquaDabra 6-Piece Paint Refills adds more colours to AquaDabra creations!

No need to worry about running out of colours for awesome AquaDabra creations because the AquaDabra 6-Piece Paint Refills is here! The pack comes with six amazing colours that your child can use to expand their colour selections with any AquaDabra kits or sets (each sold separately).

Features :

  • Each AquaDabra 6-Piece Paint Refills includes:
    • 1 Purple Coloured Paint Tube
    • 1 Pink Coloured Paint Tube
    • 1 Orange Coloured Paint Tube
    • 1 Green Coloured Paint Tube
    • 1 Blue Coloured Paint Tube
    • 1¬†Yellow Coloured Paint Tube
  • We recommend dipping the fairytale element moulds into the included magic water mix for 5-7 minutes and letting drying them out before using the gels/paint.
  • Use with AquaDabra Aquarium Set and AquaDabra Fantasy Kits (each sold separately) for an extended colour selection.
  • Suitable for children ages 5 years and up.

Allow your child to keep enjoying science in a fun and engaging way by adding the AquaDabra 6-Piece Paint Refills to their AquaDabra sets and kits.