Aqua Dragons Refill Pack



Aqua Dragons Refill Pack makes playing with Aqua Dragons last even longer

Aqua Dragons are the new version of Sea Monkeys and if you loved Sea Monkeys then Aqua Dragons are for you.

This Aqua Dragons Refill Pack contains eggs of the Artemia Salina, the Aqua Dragons that have been living in saltwater on earth since Dinosaurs walked the planet.

Artemia Salina has the special ability to not hatch unless the environment allows them to grow and thrive, and that’s the secret to their amazing longevity on earth.

The Aqua Dragons Refill Kit can be used on its own in a bowl or combine with one of the Aqua Dragons habitats for even more fun.

Features :

  • This pack is a refill suitable for use with any set of Aqua Dragons. You can purchase other Aqua Dragons sets to raise your Aqua Dragons.
  • This set includes :
    • eggs and food packets
    • a feeding spoon
    • aerator
    • an instruction book that also doubles as an activity book.
  • Aqua Dragons are tiny creatures that you hatch in water and feed to watch them grow.
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 years up

Give your child the joy of hatching their own Aqua Dragons

The Aqua Dragons – Refill Pack extends the use of all Aqua Dragons playsets.