Aqua Dragons Jurassic Refill Pack



Aqua Dragons Jurassic Refill Pack will take your child to another mythical adventure.

It is believed that Aqua Dragons have a somewhat natural ability to survive droughts until they are awakened from hibernation. This Aqua Dragons egg refill pack is everything your child needs to grow these small-time travellers from the mythical world. Fifty days after these eggs hatch, the lovable creatures can grow up to 1cm long. Use your tank and let your little one enjoy watching the eggs hatch and the magical animals grow.

Aqua Dragons’ mission is to bring enjoyment and awareness of nature and animals to nature lovers of all ages but especially children through the design, production, and sale of original gifts, life cycle kits and great educational science toys.  Aqua Dragon is now serving orders to the public in over 40 countries – worldwide.


  • Aqua Dragons Jurassic Refill Pack will keep your child entertained for hours. 
  • Use your very own refill tank and watch the hatchlings grow.
  • It includes eggs and food packets.
  • Contains special feeding spoon and instructional packet
  • It is suitable for children aged six (6) years old and above. 

Watch how your child plays and learns with Aqua Dragons Jurassic Refill Pack.