Al Dente Play Kitchen



AL DENTE PLAY KITCHEN offers a whole new level of pure fun and real experience for children with easy to use and complete package of tools and equipment which is essential for their passion for cooking.

AL DENTE PLAY KITCHEN is an indoor packaged-type with medium-sized kitchen tools that has everything that a young chef aspirant needs to do for their cooking. It consists of a variety of tools and equipment that completes the experience like real cooking! It has a clock on the top, storage, a microwave set, a stove, a top basin, a range dials, an oven and a menu board that can also be used as good storage having a big space inside. All this in one, easy to use and handy package that the children can enjoy with a whole new level of fun and real-life experience at their home as they satisfy their feeling and passion for cooking.


  • A complete package of essential tools and equipment for cooking:
    • Clock
    • Top Basin Sink
    • Storage
    • Stove
    • Range Dials
    • Oven
    • Microwave
    • Menu Board
  • Made with durable and strong materials for longevity use.
  • Packed with easy steps and instructions leaflet inside the box for a quick guide and overview.
  • Simple and clearly visible labels of figures in the stove range for proper and safe usage for your children.
  • Well-arranged and sorted in place of different components for better and easy familiarization for your children.
  • Suitable for 3 years and above

With AL DENTA PLAY KITCHEN, you can let your little chef experience the real-life cooking with a complete, handy and easy-to-use kitchen equipment and tools in one spot and home.