Adorable Kittens My Mini Busy Book



Adorable Kittens My Mini Busy Book takes your child to the feline world filled with kittens!

Children learn so much through playing with educational toys and engaging in fun-filled stories any time of day. Let your children recognize familiar words along with the appropriate sound made by kittens in this busy books that your children would love to read with their eyes and play with their hands.

Keep your children engaged as they join the company of adorable kittens in a fun-filled adventure! Prioritize hands-on play as you make storytime engaging when your children bond with their favourite kittens.

Spark your child’s interest and creativity about the world around them in this book and toy in just one activity kit! This board book offers a highly illustrated book, upright playboard, and well-crafted kitten figurines that they can play with using their hands!


  • This board book includes:
    • A sturdy board book
    • Colourful illustrations
    • Engaging story
    • 4-plastic kitten figurines
    • Fold-out playboard
    • Figurines and playboard stored in the book
    • 12 pages of fun ways to learn
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Product dimensions: 23.3cm x 18.45cm x 3.3cm
  • Recommended age: Children ages 3 years old and above

Enhance hand-eye coordination and spark conversations with your children as they read and play along with this busy books. Discover the power of play with Adorable Kittens My Mini Busy Book.